What is Technopark?

The changing world causes the competition between countries to change dimensions. The way to have a competitive structure is based on technological development, having the capacity to produce new information and constantly increasing this capacity.

Etzkowitz's "Triple Helix Model" is a university-industry-state cooperation model in which new knowledge acquisition and technological practices are under one roof. This model, known as a worldwide practice with its proven effects, helps accelerate the development of countries by high added-value and scientific-based productions. The model includes the universities that produce knowledge, the industry that turns this knowledge into practice, and the state that provides the necessary support and takes measures for creating the necessary infrastructure and efficient cooperation platform. Technoparks, on the other hand, are places where universities, industry, and the state cooperate under the same roof.

Prominent concepts in the 21st century such as "Advanced technology", "R&D", "innovation", "competition" and "entrepreneurship" are among the building blocks of production. Targeting knowledge-based economic development ensures that technoparks, one of the actors operating in this direction, are at the forefront.

According to the definition in the Law on Technology Development Zones No. 4691, TDZ (Technology Development Zone) refers to a site where academic, economic and social structures become integrated or a technopark which has these characteristics, where, by benefiting from the opportunities of a particular university or higher technology institute or R&D centre or institute, companies using high/advanced technology or companies that aim at new technologies produce/develop technology or

software, where the companies work to transform a technological invention into a commercial product,

method or service, thus contributing to the development of the Zone, which is in the premises or close to the same university, higher technological institute or the R&D centre or institute

The name given to Technology Development Zones differs from country to country as indicated below:

Technology Park / Technopark, Technopolis / Technopol, Science Park, Research Park, Technology Development Zone, Technology Development Centre, Technology Corridor, Innovation Centre

Regarding this issue, although the concept “Technology Development Zones” has been used in the Technology Development Zones Law No. 4691, in our country the use of the concept of 'technopark', which is the abbreviation of technology and park, is more common among the parties.